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January fells under a hazy winter sun


Solstice (Part 2)

I’m not a druid or pagan or anything but it was necessary to be outdoors today. The longest day did not start very promisingly but it eventually turned into a passable English summer day. No sacrifices have been made although there is a load of stuff I should have been doing instead so that must count and that means the goat is off the hook for another year. It’s downhill all the way now, losing daylight at around 4 minutes a day all the way to just before Christmas but that doesn’t matter because the sun is shining and it will be for quite a few hours yet and in the morning it might even come up and do the same again.

The Edge

Tomorrow is the summer solstice and daylight hours for northernbike.com global media headquarters are officially supposed to last for the seventeen and a quarter hours between four thirty in the morning and a quarter to ten at night but the sun didn’t get the memo and therefore failed to make an appearance until mid afternoon today. I am off the bike for a wee while but I can do walking, which as many a zombie movie has shown is something even quite a grave injury does not necessarily make impossible, although some degree of elegance, sociability and skin tone may be sacrificed, so here are a few pictures of the sun trying to come up over the valley as seen from a stroll along Fremington Edge. Hopefully the sun will start taking its responsibilities a bit more seriously before it leaves us in the autumn but I’m not very optimistic as sometimes it feels as if nothing can really be relied upon any more.