About a bike

Whilst ostensibly about sharing the joys and challenges of riding bikes with the worldwide bikeridership fraternity the main point of having a bike blog is in reality of course to get the companies that make cool bikes and kit to send you free stuff for you to shamelessly plug write an independent and objective appraisal. As this blog is quite new the lorry from Rapha or Pinarello hasn’t turned up at my house yet but the blog having today come of age with post number ten and almost that number of historical internet hits to date I thought I would get the ball rolling by reviewing my own bike. I haven’t done one of these before so not quite sure where to start but perhaps we could go back to how I chose this particular model, as in this case the answer is not because that is what the bike company sent me to do a puff piece review on but actually because having caught the cycling bug and taken to hanging out in a skintight lycra time trail suit and growing out my sideburns some people started to suggest I might consider getting a bike before harmless eccentricity risked morphing into outright weirdness, before they grew tired of the constant clink of my cleats on the pavements around town, and before Noddy Holder took out some kind of trademark injunction and the bike I have now was what was on sale at the time. Also it is vertically responsive and laterally compliant, or in layman’s terms it is made out of metal and not blu-tack. Enough of the techy stuff I hear you say, what about the asthetics you ask. It’s red. Heck, this review business is easier than I thought. What next – components – wheels – yes, it has those, also other stuff like pedals and a chain and brakes. Performance wise, I find for best results there’s a technique to master where you turn the pedals to make it go and squeeze the brakes to make it stop, so very much a traditional go-stop set up. In summary, I an convinced that if you have a similar physique, level of fitness, topographical surroundings, local climate, personal taste, financial budget and haircut to me then this is the perfect bike for you. It’s a shame that they don’t make them any more. So come on then Mottram, now you’ve seen what a Northernbike review could do for your sales get the lads to load up the H-van, type ‘North’ into the satnav and I’ll put the cones out front to save you a space and put the kettle on. Next week: back down to earth with screw on valve tops; a look at the many and difficult issues you need to consider before you buy but before that I’m off to start NorthernFerrari.com…



  1. ragtimecyclist

    At last, one among us speaks out about his desperate longing for free stuff. I write for more noble reasons (although, to be clear, i will accept free kit…) As for the bike…phhheeww! That sounds like a serious piece of kit, might have to get me one o’ them red bikes..

  2. northernbike

    When Colnago send that new one of their’s, the one with the disk brakes, to test then maybe I can do you a deal on my red bike, although when I say ‘red’ it’s more of a ‘rust’ tone in some people’s eyes

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