is it just me or is there is some really strange stuff going on in british cycling lately? Chris Froome (who is british in a never actually lived here but offically he’s one of our’s sort of way) is current Tour de France champion, Bicycling Boris Johnson (who is british in a sort of most implausible character from a carry on film sort of way which isn’t neccessarily a bad thing as we like the seventies here at northernbike)  is mayor of one of the most important towns in the south east  and last weekend I turned on the telly and the BBC (which is british in a has british in its name but its gaze is firmly fixed over the ocean where its heart lies like the french lieutenant’s woman sort of way) was showing cycling.

RideLondon was a bit of a gift to the beeb to be honest; it was in London, it had the bloke from Masterchef in it (and as this was the home counties probably most of rest of the particpants were from the viewing audience of Masterchef as well), it provided one of their less spurious justifications for going up in a helicopter, and they could employ this coverage to rebut the accusation that the beeb is Londoncentric as they followed the ride several miles into Surrey with almost no concern for their personal safety.

Some people were unhappy about the traffic disruption caused by the ride because London traffic is so smooth and trouble free the rest of the time and some people were unhappy about missing Antiques Roadshow. Some people were unhappy there were too many white bikers, some too many male bikers, and some too many bikers full stop. Some people were just unhappy. On the plus side however it must be a good thing that the existing legacy of the London Olympics to cycling which seems to mostly comprise cyclists being banned from their regular cycle paths by Olympic security,run over by Olympic vehicles or arrested by Olympic police has had something postive added to it at last, and I don’t just mean winding up a bunch of stockbrokers and bankers who couldn’t get the 4×4 out for a few hours, but in a general maybe we’re actually getting somewhere sort of way, so our hats must go off to everyone who parted with their £45 to make most of the rest of us who occasionally ride a bike just a bit less unhappy, only a bit mind, but less nevertheless.


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